Drift Sidewalk Café

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Crêpes for days
Indulge in good coffee, crêpes, soups, salads and even greater conversations. Hipster vibe and comfortable atmosphere.


    • KrmDrkc
      KrmDrkc Over a year ago

      BED BUGS IN INNDULGE RESORT PALM SPRINGS !!!! This post is the share the encounter and the displeasure we incurred at our recent stay at INNdulge resort in Palm Springs California. After staying two days, it was time to check out and gathering our clothes and belongings to home, we made a discussing discovery. THERE WERE BED BUGS AND AT THE BOTTOM AND MIDDLE OF THE BED!!! We made this BED BUGS DISCOVERY, and it was time to check out. We knew we needed to bring it to the managers attention. There was ZERO EMPATHY from the front desk person named JESSI(MALE) who argued with us and raised his voice instead of being apologetic as someone would in the hospitality industry! He then called the owner, SANDY(MALE) over who made the the situation worst!!! Again instead being apologetic and making empathy on our HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE, “HE HAD HIS HOUSEKEEPING PEOPLE SWITCH OUT THE BED SHEETS WHILE WE DISCUSSED WHAT OCCURRED IN THE HOTEL LOBBY”. After doing so he invited us to look remade bed “ (Such a joke!!!)” OF COURSE, WE WOUD NOT STEP FOOT BACK INTO THAT ROOM!!! Because of the infestation and we had the PHOTO EVIDENCES! Ultimately, police were called and there was not much to do of the situation but seemed to be more on our side about how the OWNER SANDY (MALE) POORLY HANDLED THIS EXPERIENCE !!!! We paid $275.00 per night and of course we had higher expectations, at the very least no BED BUGS!!! And when we said that to OWNER SANDY, HE SAID “RILTZ CARLTON IS DOWN THE STREET AND YOU CAN STAY THERE.” WE STAYED SIMILAR RESORTS IN THE AREA BEFORE, THEY KILLED US WITH KINDNESS AND PROVIDED EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE. THIS IS OUR FIRST NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE THEREFORE WE REALLY FELT LIKE NEED TO INFORM OUT PEOPLE. QUICK SUGGESTION TO THE HOTEL OWNER, SANDY, YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY, AND ANY FUTURE POTENTIAL GUESTS NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT DISGUSTING CREATURES WAITING FOR THEM IN THEIR BED ON THEIR FUTURE STAY AT INNDULGE RESORT PALM SPRINGS!!!